Anyone paying attention will know that Kyle Rittenhouse hasn't been convicted of anything and there is a reasonable chance the only law he will be found to have violated was Wisconsin's law about persons under the age of 18 carrying a firearm.

Mr. Keller also needs to factor in groups like Black Guns Matter, which has grown from a single group in Philadelphia to more than 40 chapters nationwide in just five years. Keller also needs to account for Maj Toure, the group's founder, who tours the country teaching safe gun handling and marksmanship to people of color, as well as anyone else who is interested.

There is a large difference between being a conservative and being a white supremacist. Maj Toure is conservative; he's a Libertarian.

And who committed more violent acts? Who has looted stores and set fires? Who has rioted in the streets for months? Who has assaulted police? Who has incited millions of Americans who did not previously own guns to buy them over the past five months? Three of the best all-time months for gun sales were June, July, and August of this year.

Hint: It wasn't the vigilantes.

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