Actually, it’s pretty much proven that current guns laws don’t deliver on the promises made for them and that the entire philosophy that violence can be solved by more of them is wrong.

Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy introduced a bill calling for universal background checks and said this would prevent mass shootings. He introduced his bill just days after a man who had passed at least two dozen of them murdered 58 people in Las Vegas. To this day, I am surprised Sen. Murphy was able to keep a straight face.

There were more mass shootings during the ten years of the Assault Weapons Ban than there were in the ten years preceding it. Yes, the number of mass shootings did increase following the end of the ban but there wasn’t a big increase in mass shootings involving the banned firearms. That came years later.

What there was was something that shouldn’t have surprised anyone: a huge increase in demand for the previously banned guns. There were two companies making the AR-15 before the ban; there are now 35.

I didn’t make the case that two states with strict gun laws have the most mass shootings: the Violence Policy Center did that for me.

There were some states that had no mass shootings at all. Hawaii and Rhode Island, both of which have strong gun laws, were among them. But so were Idaho, Maine, Montana, Vermont and Wyoming. All of these states have gun laws that are even less restrictive than Florida or Texas.

Looking back over years of data, I have found that gun laws are largely irrelevant when it comes to criminal violence.

The Second Amendment is just fine. But you need to understand something: the Second Amendment doesn’t create a right. It forbids the government from infringing on a right that those who participated in the creation of the U.S. Constitution believed was a fundamental, even a natural, right that exists independently of the government. The First Amendment and the Second Amendment are the only articles in the Bill of Rights that are prohibitions on the government.

The gun business would not prosper if there wasn’t a ready market. The illicit gun trade that exists throughout the world wouldn’t exist if there wasn’t a demand and a handsome profit to be made by filling it.

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