Actually, I never encouraged other family members to become gun owners. That was entirely up to each of them. I just felt it was important to understand gun safety, such as always treating any firearm as if it was loaded and how to check the most common types of firearms.

How nice of you to refrain from shooting the bears with your .22 rifle. It would doubtless annoy them to no end.

How nice for you that everything is about sex. It must keep you quite busy. I personally am quite happy with the old military quip about the difference between rifles and guns and have never mistaken one for the other.

I understand the symbolic relationship between firearms and sexuality. I have also known for years that “vagina” is the classic Latin term for “sheath,” such as that used to hold a sword. Yes, I get the connotations, I just don’t obsess over them as you seem to do.

And I certainly don’t project those obsessions onto other people as you did in your original comment about gun owners.

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