A very good analysis. However, accepting the thesis that guns are used solely for killing people is a big mistake and yields ground unnecessarily.

There is no question that the development of firearms was based on military goals of superior weaponry. From the development of the fire lance for soldiers in the Chinese imperial army in the 10th Century, almost every advancement has been with an eye toward getting government business.

However, the vast majority of privately owned firearms are never used to take a human life. Some are used for hunting but there is little doubt that the majority of bullets expended punch holes in paper or perhaps tin cans or steel targets. Even the vast majority of defensive gun uses don’t involve any shots being fired.

If one looks at the total deaths and injuries, a person is 16 times more likely to be a victim in a motor vehicle than a victim of a gunshot. Unlawful uses of motor vehicles (DWI, distracted driving and speeding) claim more lives than firearm homicides.

The car analogy also fails in that registration, licensure, insurance, etc., are required only if a person wishes to operate a motor vehicle on a public road. Even in that case, having a driver’s license in one state allows a person to drive any non-commercial motor vehicle in every state. Michael Bloomberg has committed $25 million to fighting legislation requiring concealed-carry reciprocity but gets upset when someone challenges demands for gun registration.

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