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There are no second-class rights; all are equally important.

As is the case with the Second Amendment, the First Amendment protects a natural right of free people everywhere. It not only exists independently of the Constitution, it transcends the Constitution.

The First Amendment does not create a right; it does not affirm a right: It prohibits the government from creating a law that abridges what those who created the foundation of our country believed and stated were the fundamental rights of the people.

From where I stand, boycotting Colin Kaepernick and/or Nike means supporting unequal justice and racial injustice. Because that’s what Kaepernick was protesting. If that’s a person’s intent, so be it. I can’t agree, but I respect their right to express their own beliefs.

When other players joined Kaepernick, they were either supporting his protest or, just as important, supporting his right to protest. When some seek to repress their rights, that’s where the line must be drawn. Especially when that repression is fueled by what amounts to a bald-faced lie about what Kaepernick was expressing.

In case people have forgotten, the flag is the symbol of America. Read the words to the “Star-Spangled Banner” and remember that the pledge of allegiance ends with the words, “With liberty and justice for all.”

I am a gun owner and I believe right down to the core of my being that Colin Kaepernick is what real patriotism looks like.

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