A fair question but one that could be asked of the Democrats, as well.

Based on their platform, they don't have a plan, they have a wish list they have no idea of how to realistically implement.

What isn't unaffordable is likely unconstitutional because the federal government's authority is actually limited.

What if the Supreme Court upholds Planned Parenthood v. Casey instead of Roe v. Wade? It seems unlikely the court could uphold one without the other. The mess we have now is because of the later ruling.

What, exactly is the Democratic healthcare plan? Continue on with the legislative abomination of Obamacare? Medicare for all with a huge jump in payroll and other taxes as well as the issues involved with the elimination of a fairly large industry? Appeals to a fairy godmother?

How much of the Democratic plan is based on state compliance? The Democrats have obviously forgotten that the federal government cannot compel a state to enforce a federal law.

A plan should be something that has been carefully considered both in terms of its implementation and impact. Outcomes should be carefully considered. With this in mind, It should be obvious to anyone who isn't actually bathing in the partisan Kool-Aid that neither party has a plan. In fact, I don't think either party really cares about having a plan. They would much rather rely on puffery and promises.

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