The proposed action in Oklahoma, as well as similar actions in a number of other states, is well within the bounds of the Constitution.

While it does challenge executive orders and acts of Congress, some of which are demonstrable overreach according to the powers delegated to the President and Congress, including those listed in Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution, the actual bill says the state will ask for an exemption (presumably in conjunction with filing a lawsuit in federal court to have the actions declared unconstitutional) but the only action the state will take is to refuse to…

My wonderful wife came in and talked to me the other day. She had just seen a holiday commercial in which a wife presented her husband with a $50,000 GMC pickup truck for Christmas after the husband gave her a dog. That seems wrong on so many levels but this article focuses on one particular aspect.

I had just read that Wall Street had its best month since 1987, rising nearly 11% in November on its way to a record close above 30,000.

Meanwhile, millions of Americans were wondering if there was even going to be a Christmas or if…

If Biden is a dream for you, Barrett could be a dream-come-true for gun owners

Madame Justice Barrett may channel the spirit of Antonin Scalia, one of her mentors. Image copyright © 2020 Bill Cawthon. All rights reserved.

Judge Amy Coney Barrett is now Madame Justice Barrett, the newest member of the Supreme Court. She joins Samuel Alito, Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, and Clarence Thomas on the conservative side of the bench. Associate Justice Thomas is the one who administered the judicial oath of office, the final step needed for her to take her seat on the bench.

A lot of people consider Chief Justice John Roberts to be a conservative and there is a lot of talk about a 6–3 conservative majority, but those people and such talk doesn’t include gun owners. It’s widely believed that the…

Today, August fifth marks a day that might have some meaning for those of us who are at that stage of life where long-range planning is something we should have done decades ago.

Photo copyright © 2020 Volkswagen AG.

One of the most iconic vehicles in the late 1960s was the Volkswagen Microbus. It was the aspirational countercultural vehicle; one that Detroit seemingly couldn’t beat, outlasting the Chevy Corvair Greenbrier, the Ford Falcon Club Wagon, and the Dodge A100 Sportsman. Come to think of it, it outlasted the Corvair.

All of those hippie vans trace their ancestry back to a sketch by Ben Pons, who imported…

The First Amendment protects rights shared by by all Americans. It bars the federal government from censoring speech or the press. With the ratification of the Fourteenth Amendment, it became binding on the states, as well.

Freedom of speech and a free press are among the privileges and immunities of all American citizens.

This is important because it allows all people to speak their minds and express their views, even if they are unpopular. In fact, that’s one of the intended effects of the First Amendment: to allow unpopular views to be heard.

Freedom is often uncomfortable, especially when everyone…

I thought about “Ship of Tools” but this worked out better. Copyright © 2020 Bill Cawthon

I usually spend a fair amount of time to create the images that accompany my articles, which usually run fairly long. So I decided to simply share the image and keep the article short.

No matter how you slice it, these clowns are either all right or all wrong.

If the mayors are right, Trump is also right to send federal agents to protect federal property and apprehend those suspected of damaging or defacing it. [Perhaps you weren’t aware of this, but after a federal law was updated during the Clinton years, causing more than $100 in damage to any…

Created by Bill Cawthon Composite of copyrighted images used under license from

Seattle’s plan to defund its police would be great material for a stand-up comedian (or comedienne).

It might also make a decent episode of a resurrected Twilight Zone or Outer Limits.

On Saturday, July 11, the Seattle Times reported that seven of the nine City Council members are supporting a plan to cut the Seattle Police Department’s $409 million budget by 50% and use the money for what the paper calls “other community needs.” More on those “needs” in a moment.

The plan is not supported by Mayor Jenny Durkan, the wavering weasel who defended the First Amendment rights of…

Graphic copyright © 2020 Bill Cawthon.

The longer we try to deny it or sweep it under the rug, the more black people will be lost.

An opinion piece by Washington Post columnist Theresa Vargas caught my eye today.

In the usual emotional appeal to the tragedy of young people dying, and in obeisance to the dictums that thou shalt not speak of black-on-black crime and thou shalt never miss an opportunity to demonize guns and their owners, Ms. Vargas painted the picture of young blacks killed by gun violence.

Sorry, Ms. Vargas, those children weren’t killed by gun violence. They were killed by jackals that…

Bindu Kalesan has become the latest to parade their ignorance for the members of Medium.

In her June 21 article “NRA and the lasting consequence of greed,” she couldn’t even get her facts about where the NRA was founded correct.

For the record, the National Rifle Association was founded in New York City. Its first shooting range was on Long Island. The headquarters was moved to Washington, D.C. in 1907 and again to Virginia in 1935. …

According an estimate from Small Arms Analytics, Americans acquired 2,583,238 firearms in March. That’s an increase of more than 85% from March 2019. The FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System processed 3,740,688, a single-month record that overwhelmed the system, forcing many buyers to wait days instead of minutes for an approval.

Not only did March set a record, first-quarter inquiries were on pace to set a record even before the pandemic.

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